So this is 25

A few days ago one of my college friends posted about joining a bowling league with the hashtag #sothisis25

Since then, I’ve found myself repeating that same line to myself throughout the day, almost as a reminder that while this may not always have been where I pictured myself at 25, nevertheless here I am. And for the most part, I think I’m ok with it. #sothisis25

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New Orleans City Guide

Just before Christmas a few girlfriends and I took a little weekend getaway to New Orleans, and it was seriously MAGIC. Being from Colorado I’m a firm believer in White Christmases, but it seems like because the South doesn’t get snow, they go over-the-top with lights and decorations until every palm tree, railing, and bar top is dripping with Christmas trimmings.

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Reigning in our Crazy

I count myself VERY lucky to know the woman behind today’s post. We met when I was a twiggy sixth grader with a big mouth and even bigger opinions. Through the years she’s been one of my biggest supporters and largest advocates for my own self-worth. She’s one of the most generous people I know in every aspect of her life, and one thing she’s given abundantly beyond her time and energy is her advice. Below is some thoughts she wanted to share with all of you beautiful readers.  Thanks for being on my team Dana, and challenging me to be the best version of myself. Love you!

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Olive Body Suit

Guys. Some exciting things are happening over here at Chasing Whimsy… This week I was approved for!

For those of you that aren’t as fashion crazy as me, is a platform that let’s you shop your favorite looks on Instagram, and its seriously so freaking easy. All the work is done for you, simply by signing up (here), every time you ‘like’ a photo from Instagram you’ll receive an email directly to your inbox with all the deets.

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