Skater Skirt

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade” -Great Expectations

This weekend in Colorado it was 65 and sunny and I just about died with happiness. I think spring is my very favorite season. I love that everything feels like it’s starting to wake up again- a strange mix of both winter and summer that is refreshing and a little unpredictable.

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Tribal Vibes

This month I’ve been doing crazy amounts of traveling which I both love and hate at the same time. One of my New Years resolutions has been to say “yes” to more adventures, which I’ve happily been doing, but it also means that during the month of February I’m home for only one weekend and I happened to throw a big Galentine’s Brunch (that post here), so I didn’t get much down time.

So in the midst of this crazy travel season I’m trying to focus on ways to let my little introverted self get the relaxation and rest I need. Mostly this looks like me getting in bed by 9, watching a few episodes of New Girl and passing out by 10pm, but I’ve also been craving more mountain views from my home town Boulder. Seriously I don’t think this view will ever get old!

For this post I teamed up with Midnight Rambler- “A rock-n-roll boho boutique”, seriously one of the cutest boutiques here in Denver, and I quickly became obsessed with this sweater. I mentioned in a recent post that I can’t get enough fur this season, and this sweater is a perfect example- I didn’t want to take it off my body.

Also, can we talk about how insane this necklace is? I don’t wear a ton of statement necklaces, but this turquoise number was giving me the major feels.

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Inviting the Wild in


“They won’t tell you fairy tales of how girls can be dangerous and still win. They will only tell you stories where girls are sweet and kind and reject all sin. I guess to them it’s a terrifying thought, a red riding hood who knew exactly what she was doing when she invited the wild in.” -Nikita Gill

A few days ago a friend posted the above poem as a caption to her photography. When I read it I couldn’t decide if I wanted to embark on some grand adventure or weep.

There’s something about this poem that has resonated very deeply with me. Made me question what it means the be the one that invites the wild in- to make your own fairy tale.

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Apple Pie


Per usual, the best part about any dinner party is the desert, and this tart apple pie was no different. Not only was it absolutely stunning to look at (check out that lattice!) but was just the right about of sweet and sour. We kept it basic with just the pie, but you could add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a dollop of whip cream on top if you’re feeling fancy 😉

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