I’m Mackenna, and welcome to Chasing Whimsy!

This blog is a space dedicated to capturing moments and sharing glimpses of what I find inspiring through fashion, interiors and just life in general.

I started Chasing Whimsy when I signed up for an upper division writing class my junior year of college, and it quickly became one of my favorite platforms to be creative. Like this blog, my life has gone through many changes the past few years and I’m transitioning from the scary unknown “life after college” to my mid twenties, or as I like to call it “faux adulting.”

Born and raised in Boulder Colorado, I’m currently living in downtown Denver where I get to spend my days dreaming up and designing fabulous spaces as an Interior Designer for a small residential firm. I love using design to inspire and change the way people interact in this world, and it is my goal in life to create a little beauty that people can share. So, thank you for following along and I hope you find a little glamour and whimsy.