So this is 25

A few days ago one of my college friends posted about joining a bowling league with the hashtag #sothisis25

Since then, I’ve found myself repeating that same line to myself throughout the day, almost as a reminder that while this may not always have been where I pictured myself at 25, nevertheless here I am. And for the most part, I think I’m ok with it. #sothisis25

I wore this purple coat to New Orleans and got a free palm reading by a woman who called herself “Midnight Velvet”.  She told me I’m inclined to creativity and would have 4 children. #sothisis25

Last night I  laid on the cold tiles of my kitchen floor fueled with a glass (or 2) of boxed red wine, trying, and largely failing, to generate a list of professional goals I have for myself for the upcoming year. #sothisis25

I haven’t gone to the grocery store in over a month, and have completely blown my budget from ordering too much Chinese food. Their number is conveniently saved in my phone under “crisis hotline”. #sothisis25

There’s a pile of trash bags full of raked leaves that’s been leaning against my garage since November.  I’ve been slowly sneaking one bag at a time into my neighbor’s trashcan because mine is always too full. #sothisis25

The last time my Grandpa and I talked on the phone he asked me about my love life. When I told him I had nothing new to report he said “I’ll just stop bringing it up.” #sothisis25

It’s Wednesday and I’ve already used dry shampoo instead of showering twice this week. #sothisis25


Show some solidarity and HMU with some of your  best #sothisis25 moments this week.


Jacket: Who What Wear Collection (sold out), similar here and here

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Steve Madden, similar linked here

Belt: ASOS


One thought on “So this is 25

  1. I received my MBA from CU during the quarter century mark. That turned out well, #sothatwas25.
    I bought my first house that same year. Although some feel that home ownership is best done at 24, that decision turned out well, #sothatwas25.
    I met my first wife that same year. We are still blissfully together and will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. That turned out well, #sothatwas25.
    Yes, I would have to agree #sothatwas25 turned out pretty darn well.

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