New Orleans City Guide

Just before Christmas a few girlfriends and I took a little weekend getaway to New Orleans, and it was seriously MAGIC. Being from Colorado I’m a firm believer in White Christmases, but it seems like because the South doesn’t get snow, they go over-the-top with lights and decorations until every palm tree, railing, and bar top is dripping with Christmas trimmings.

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Apple Pie


Per usual, the best part about any dinner party is the desert, and this tart apple pie was no different. Not only was it absolutely stunning to look at (check out that lattice!) but was just the right about of sweet and sour. We kept it basic with just the pie, but you could add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a dollop of whip cream on top if you’re feeling fancy 😉

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A Sweet Escape


“Maybe our girl friends are our soul mates, and boys are just people to have fun with.”

I think any true Colorado native would say that there is a tangible shift in the air this time of year. Something changes with the colors of the leaves as we pack away our summer shorts and pull out warmer layers. It’s this shift from the lightheartedness of summer, to something a little earthier- heartier, and full of anticipation for the colder months to come.

I also think it’s rare this time of year to not to talk to someone who is dying to escape to the mountains. To breathe in the fresh fall air and hear the crunch of dying leaves under their feet.

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Six End Tables for Under $160


brass table

I don’t know if this is true for every interior designer, but at least for me, I’m my own worst client. I think because I can argue a case for any style/shape/color I get really caught up with what my design aesthetic truly is, and can never seem to decide on anything for myself.

Case in point: end tables. I’ve been living without end tables for months now and it’s totally driving me insane. Not only does it just feel bare on either side of the sofa, but I’m particularly lazy and hate leaning forward to the coffee table to reach for another glass of wine *insert eye-roll emoji here*.

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Washington D.C. City Guide

Processed with VSCOcam with q2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with q2 preset

Anyone who has visited the East Coast will have encountered a being native only to this region of the world- a being endlessly studied and imitated. I am referring to the East Coaster.

Growing up in the West, I was fascinated by my first encounters with these in-habitants, who seem to compare how worthy a city is of being called a “city,” like my high school friends are prone to comparing camping gear. At first, I considered this argument petty and a hilarious result of being raised so far away from big mountains. But I found myself pulled into the debates as if I had an actual claim to stake. Those from New York think there is only one true city in the U.S. People from Suburbia would never claim they live outside of cities. Philadelphia residents define themselves through an accent so distinct, hundreds of pages of research have been collected on the matter.

I happen to be a resident of Washington D.C., which is an amalgam of many different cultures. And one thing any DC resident will tell you, DC is not New York. Some say this with disdain, being taught from a young age that anything outside of New York City is rural. I have come to this statement with a sense of pride to be a resident of a hospitable and young city. It is through this lens that I write my weekend guide to DC: whether you are on vacation and looking for some excitement through city life, or need some R&R from the bustling craziness of life, here are some of my suggestions for a summer weekend in DC.

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