Reigning in our Crazy

I count myself VERY lucky to know the woman behind today’s post. We met when I was a twiggy sixth grader with a big mouth and even bigger opinions. Through the years she’s been one of my biggest supporters and largest advocates for my own self-worth. She’s one of the most generous people I know in every aspect of her life, and one thing she’s given abundantly beyond her time and energy is her advice. Below is some thoughts she wanted to share with all of you beautiful readers.  Thanks for being on my team Dana, and challenging me to be the best version of myself. Love you!

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Bittersweet, Gratitude and Acceptance

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“When life is sweet say thank you and celebrate, and when life is bitter, say thank you and grow.”

The above quote is from one of my favorite writers, Shauna Niequist. I first read her book Bittersweet when I was in my first semester of college, thousands of miles from home, searching for a new community and new identity. It was the first truly transitional phase of life I had ever been through, and the words that Shauna wrote somehow became the thread that held me together during that phase of life.

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How to Survive your Early 20s



“I am a subscriber to a wine program that delivers 4 bottles of wine to your door every 4 weeks… it’s not enough.”

What is it about your early 20’s that are both wildly exciting and beautiful, while simultaneously being overwhelmingly confusing and at times incredibly lonely? And how come no one warns you about it?

Does no one want to admit it? Or is just maybe that the more you talk about it the more f***ed up your life feels? What is it about people in their 30s that look a little less frantic and a little more put together? And when does it stop being acceptable to eat cereal for dinner and using paper towels as plates?

Chances are they did warn us, but if you’re anything like me you didn’t quite get it because you were too busy looking at the world through your rose-colored Ray Bans to notice the misty grey of the unknown come seeping in.

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9 Wake-up Calls from a 20-Something

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Y’all. I’m too excited to introduce Chasing Whimsy’s newest contributing editor: Kelly.

She was my soul sister the first year I lived in my Sorority house, and continues to inspire me with her gritty optimism and lady boss vibes. After being a National Consultant for the past 2 years traveling around the country, Kelly has learned a thing or two about being a young professional and has gathered her thoughts in a witty, honest and convenient 9 point list for you to enjoy.

*caveat to her #5 life lesson: Once Kelly and I were taking a walk and we wandered by some college guys throwing knifes at a tree. When asked if we wanted a try Kelly’s immediate response was “Sure! I’ll try anything once!”

Thanks for being you Kelly!

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6 Things to Keep in Mind at your First Job


I was hired for my first “real-world” job this past August, and by “real world” I mean the glamourous life of a 9-5 job with an office and steady paycheck. While I’ve only worked here for 6 months, the excitement of getting my first post-graduate job and finally starting my career has slowly lost its sparkle.

I think like most of my peers, we have this perception that as soon as we get handed our diplomas we’re going to march off the stage and into our dream career. Our co-workers will become our best friends, our bosses will continually be impressed by our incredible talent and understanding at such a young age, and our paychecks will be enough to fund a semi-yearly trip to the Bahamas. No one else? Ok then, maybe that was just me.

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4 Tips for “Staying Afloat” in a Challenging Season

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I’m friends with Legally Blonde. No, not Reese Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods, but a living breathing Law School student with fabulously blonde hair, quick whit and a borderline caffeine addiction. Emily and I have been friends for longer than we haven’t in our short 24 years on this planet. We’ve grown up and moved away from each other but she remains to be one of my dearest friends and someone whose wisdom never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

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