Six End Tables for Under $160


brass table

I don’t know if this is true for every interior designer, but at least for me, I’m my own worst client. I think because I can argue a case for any style/shape/color I get really caught up with what my design aesthetic truly is, and can never seem to decide on anything for myself.

Case in point: end tables. I’ve been living without end tables for months now and it’s totally driving me insane. Not only does it just feel bare on either side of the sofa, but I’m particularly lazy and hate leaning forward to the coffee table to reach for another glass of wine *insert eye-roll emoji here*.

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5 Powder Baths to Make you a Wallpaper Believer



Let’s talk about wallpaper. Recently at work, we presented the idea of adding a wallpaper to the powder bath and the client silently stared dumbfounded. “Wallpaper?! Like the pastel flowers in my grandma’s bathroom?”

Um, NO.

I think there is this horrible perception that wallpaper is the same as it was 20 years ago, and looks better left in old wallpaper books than on your walls. But we’re no longer in the dark ages and some of the new products are so f***king cool.

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All About that Tile

nina dobrev home

Last week in Chicago was the international Coverings 2016 show.

What is Coverings? It’s a tile expo. No joke.

It’s basically the spring fashion week of interior design-but just tile. And now that I’m basically a full fledge adult, I got to go with my boss as my first official business trip, and it was awesome. I literally never thought I would be so pumped about tile, but I absolutely loved it. I loved seeing what people could dream up for fresh new ways to use and design tile.

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Tips and Picks to Make a House a Home

Gray Malin living room inspiration

Cheesy title right? But it’s true! There’s a big difference between walking into someone’s place that feels sterile and unloved, versus walking into a home that has an instant feeling of warmth and comfort- the kind of place that makes people say “can I live here?”

Regardless if you own a home, live in a dorm or have an apartment with enough roommates to border on the edge of being a brothel, there are a few things you can invest in that instantly change the mood of your living space.

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Desk Décor

style me pretty

Y’all, I don’t know what it is, but I have a strange new addiction: Desk Décor. I’ve spent far too much time scrolling through Pinterest and other lifestyle blogs drooling over what I’m going to call “desk porn”. These spaces are fresh, inviting and functional (who knew there were so many cute desk accessories in the world?). It’s inspired me to update my own desk space which in turn will maybe inspire more productivity and actually using my computer for more than just Netflix.  If you’re in need of a desk upgrade here are my picks to offer a little more glam in your office life.

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